You’ve set an intention to give your body healthy foods. Later, you smell freshly made donuts. Mmmmmmm, the fragrance is delicious. Your mouth waters and you can almost taste them. Your body wants to walk you right through the door of that shop, plunk down the dollar that easily covers the cost, and wolf that tasty treat down before your feet even hit the pavement outside. Ahhhhh, the satisfaction.

Until you remember your desire to fuel your body thoughtfully. Your heart tells you that choosing nutritious food makes you happy. Then, your mind tells you that you’ll have a more positive and motivated outlook if you choose food that’s powerful as well as delicious. Gently, your spirit tells you that having an intimate, compassionate, and intentional relationship with your food supports your desire to be more aware. And still, your body says, “Donuts, yum!”

This is an example of what happens when you set your course the wrong way. The most successful intentions are those that consider the desires and needs of four aspects of your being. Each of these four elements needs to have equal importance at the table when you’re creating an intention. The totality of who you are is made up of these four facets:

  1. Physical Body: Sensory Input
  2. Emotions: Feelings & Desires
  3. Mental Perspective: Thoughts & Worldview
  4. Spirit’s Vision: Deeper Truth & Calling

If Part of You Isn’t With You

You may have experienced setting an intention only to find that you didn’t act on it or may have not followed through. Maybe you intended to achieve a financial goal and time and again, found yourself feeling stuck. This is what happens when a part of you isn’t with you. Your intention isn’t considering the values, desires, and needs of all four parts of you.

Take another look at your intention. How does it support your physical body’s sensory needs? Is it in full alignment with your feelings and your heart? Does it match up with your worldview and your view of yourself? And finally, does the accomplishment of this intention nourish your spirit? If the answer to any of these questions is no, or not sure, take some time to explore what’s missing and what’s needed to make it a yes.

Set Your Intention The Right Way

Once you’ve connected your intention to the four elements of you, it’s time to create your vision. You’ll need a quiet space and maybe some meditative music. Then, see yourself as having already accomplished your intention. When you imagine yourself having arrived, how does it feel? How does it smell, taste, look? Is it bright or dim? Are the colors vivid or drab? Is it an expansive image or is it small and croppped?

This exercise involves all of your physical senses, your emotions, your beliefs and thoughts, and your deeper self. The more intense you make your sensory experiences during this visualization, the greater success you’ll have in making your vision a reality.

It’s important to relax into this activity. Feeling forced or a sense of ‘have to’ will shut down the flow of inspiration and co-creation that’s vital to creating your most compelling intention. If you notice anything blocking you it’s a clear sign that there’s something within you that wants to be seen, embraced, appreciated, and loved. The obstacle is actually an invitation to have a conversation with some part of yourself. Embracing the process of welcoming it home is a ‘power-up’ that will supercharge the manifestation of what you desire most.

One way to support you in your process is to work with a qualified coach who employs proven strategies for success. Having an unconditionally supportive coach who believes in you, empowers you, and celebrates you makes all the difference.

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