You’re doing it all, keeping up at work, taking care of kids and family, contributing to your community, and being there for your spouse—so when do you have time for self-care? Sometimes you’ve just got to make some space to nurture yourself. Although you may not see that message very often in contemporary culture, taking time to rejuvenate is an essential element in living a successful life.

That’s when it can be helpful to take some inspiration from ancient history. In Egyptian lore, Bast, also called Bastet, is a Goddess who appeared in cat form. Like all cats, pampering and indulgence are high on her priority list. In true feline style, Bast is fiercely independent and belongs only to herself. Freedom of expression is another of her hallmarks as demonstrated by her festivals which were known for exuberant dancing.

You can learn much about de-stressing from your feline friends. Stretching, napping and a complete absence of self-consciousness are cat traits that you can benefit from adopting. While it may not be possible to catnap at will, there are simple ways to incorporate small moments to rejuvenate into each day. Incorporating essential oils and acupressure makes for a potent self-care practice

Bast’s Rejuvenation Remedy

This self-care remedy and practice are named in honour of the ultimate rejuvenation role model. The ingredients are readily available and you don’t need very much to create this relaxing and nourishing blend.

Mix 2 oz organic jojoba oil
2 drops Frankincense
2 drops Sandalwood
1 drop Cedarwood

  1. Arrange yourself comfortably—if possible, facing a window with a relaxing view. Any visual focal point that gives you a sense of relaxation will do. If you’re at a desk, keep a favourite photo or symbolic image on hand.
  2. Now, dab a drop of the essential oil mixture onto your ankles, backs of knees, and the spots at the base of your skull just on either side of the spine.
  3. Breathe slowly and deeply into the center of your back 7 times. As you inhale, feel the boundless peace and nurturing of the Universe enter your body. As the air leaves your body, feel the Universe absorb all of your challenges & stresses—especially the impossible ones.
  4. Next, find the acupressure point 2 thumb widths up from your wrist crease on the palm side of your arm and press gently to the count of 7. This point is called the Inner Gate. Pressing it calms and balances while relaxing your body. Repeat on your other arm.
  5. Now, press one thumb directly with firm gentleness on the center of your sternum at the level of your heart. (4 thumb widths from the base of your sternum) Repeat the breathing exercise. This is your Sea of Tranquility.
  6. Visualize yourself nourishing your heart, releasing tension, and balancing emotions.
  7. Say “Thank you” as if all your stresses and problems have been resolved.
  8. Release and shake out both hands.
  9. Have a glass of water or a cup of your favourite tea.
  10. Lastly—if at all possible—GO DANCING!

Rejuvenate & Be Well

Chronic stress contributes to many debilitating illnesses and conditions, including being overweight. Use this remedy whenever you feel like you want to rejuvenate. Add the breathing exercise whenever possible. Regular use will give you longer lasting benefits. Finally, make your mind-body connection on a daily basis by sending your relaxed mind and your breath into places of tension to increase your overall health and well-being.

Creating even small moments of self-care can be powerful ways to rejuvenate. If you find that you’re having trouble prioritizing this kind of practice it can help to have the support of a qualified coach who employs proven strategies for success.

Having an unconditionally supportive coach who believes in you, empowers you, and celebrates you makes all the difference.

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*Nothing here should be construed as medical advice. If you feel you have a medical problem, please consult a licensed professional.*

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