From Internal Clutter & Chaos to Flowing & Functional

You are a palace.

And within you, there exists an uncountable number of rooms. In each room, there are many pieces of furniture. Some of them you inherited. Some you picked up yourself. Most of them, however, arrived without you knowing about it. Now, because of this clutter, when you move through the outer world, you may find yourself tripping over the furniture of your inner one.

This collection of furniture is usually scattered about without rhyme or reason throughout your palace. As you enter one of the rooms, you see that the furniture may be piled up in a heap. There may be a large piece blocking the doorway making it difficult to get in or out. There’s probably something bulky and unattractive placed right in front of a window, blocking a view that you would really love to be able to see.

This furniture has the power to either make your life easier and more fulfilling or it can give you scrapes and bruises as you bump up against it. Unless you have the chance to clear it out or put it where it makes you happy, it will continue to block your way. Moving through your life with enjoyment and ease will remain difficult.

What Is All of This Stuff?

As you grew and became who you are today, you collected an unlimited number of stories about who you are. The various cupboards, bookshelves, dressers, tables, and armoires of your inner world are the stories you’ve collected. Your stories became the furniture of your inner palace. They help explain the kind of world you believe you live in and your place in it.

Some of these stories are helpful, energizing, and loving. Many of them are not. A good number of these stories were passed down to you from family, culture, or education. They seem to have always been there and you may not even be aware of them. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop them from causing you stress and trouble.

So, the question is, what do you do with all of this furniture?

What’s Behind Door Number 2

There are a few possibilities that can bring more satisfaction and ease to your life in dealing with your inner furniture. You can take a full inventory of all of the rooms that you’re aware of. You can start by choosing a particular wing of the palace, like personal relationships, and look in those rooms. Get to know what’s in those spaces. What’s in there that seems to get in your way?

Make some observations, preferably in a journal. Note any patterns in your life that seem to show up again and again. You may be surprised to see that what you thought were very different causes of discomfort, actually share a common thread or root. Maybe you notice that you feel boxed in when it comes to intimate relationships. That’s an indicator of a cluttered inner space.

The emotional bumps and bruises you’re experiencing seem to be caused by the other person. In fact, when you actually take a look at what’s behind the door of this particular room, you’ll see that you’ve got a cluttered and chaotic space. With such a haphazard maze of inner furniture, it’s no wonder you keeping stumbling and bumping up against sharp corners and hard edges.

Clear It Out

The Herculean task of sorting through and clearing out all of your inner furniture can seem overwhelming at first. That’s why it’s important to allow yourself to be patient, compassionate, and loving toward yourself. You didn’t accumulate all of this furniture overnight and you won’t sort it all out in one go, either. It’s essential that you begin with the awareness that this will be a process. There are steps, tools, and strategies you can use to make the work easier and also emotionally rewarding.

To begin with, draw upon your core values, your purpose, and your awareness of what’s in your life that you feel grateful for. Awakening to these essentials will connect you to your inner hydrogen fuel cell. They provide the power, direction, and vision that you can tap into as you clear out your inner clutter and chaos. These three potent keys will allow you to access any room in your inner palace and confidently determine what stays, what moves, and what goes.

It’s Dusty In Here

This work can go deep and you may find yourself feeling things you hadn’t for quite some time. It’s natural to reconnect to the original emotions that were present when that furniture was delivered. The stories that you’re clearing out may be quite dusty and even moldy. Give yourself the support you need by practicing good self-care as you work through it.  It can help to enlist a supportive friend who’s done her own housecleaning or a qualified, trained coach.

With each adjustment to the clutter and chaos of your inner palace, you’ll see increased flow and functionality inside and out. Be sure to celebrate your successes as you go because that will enhance your energy and commitment to continue on. Over time, you’ll see that there’s real joy in the process as well as the resulting spaciousness and clarity of your life.

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