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Do you like being independent and making every decision on your own?

Would you appreciate receiving emotional support from someone who can help you make important decisions?

It may seem that no one has the time to spare to assist you, because life for other people is already too demanding.

You believe connection while having a heart-to-heart conversation could be the solution.

For most, there’s something about having an emotional support system that creates positive value. Being able to unload the stress of the day while having a non-judgmental conversation, certainly has its benefits.

Human beings experience many ups and downs on a daily basis. And sometimes, it just feels good to talk with someone who cares for and values you.

Emotional support’s an essential component of building your relationship with writing.

Both your personal and professional relationships can have a considerable impact on how well you write and how consistently you sit down to create content.

For me, when I’ve experienced a non-stop day filled with solving one problem after another, the end result is exhaustion and little to no desire to write to create value for my readers.

Adding writing to your already-packed schedule can be daunting. If you’re too tired to get inspired for writing, choose another time that you know you’ll be fresh, rested, and fully ready for a positive writing result.

Writing should never be forced. When your writing’s forced, the product you’re developing will most likely not be your best effort.

You have a time of day that works for you to produce your finest writing. My time of day is first thing in the morning.

Emotional support from another person–as I mentioned earlier–isn’t always readily available. So it’s important you find other options that provide a winning edge for writing.

Here are some suggestions to consider:

  • Choose to be around positive, energetic people who have the same goals as you do.
  • Sign up for a class that stimulates a confident mindset. Neuroscience is a fascinating subject. I recommend a company that provides an excellent line of educational courses called, “The Great Courses” at
  • Make it a priority to stay physically fit. Working out increases your energy, creates a positive attitude, and improves productivity.

Stepping into a positive lifestyle helps you to feel better about yourself.

When you’re tired, you’re more sensitive to outside influences that can make you feel unimportant or devalued.

Get plenty of rest and be good to yourself. Your attitude will change for the better and you’ll be more open to receiving what’s positive in the world.

Here’s your writing invitation: Rather than depending on the people you spend the most time around to lift you up and provide the compliments you want to hear, reach out of your comfort zone and find some new connections that inspire your writing talents.

Your comments are always appreciated. Let me know if there are other writing topics you’d like me to bring to my column. I always look forward to your emails at [email protected].

Photo Credit: Kylli Kittus,