Honoring your body and purpose can be tricky as Lisa discovered recently. She is the creator of the Yummy Mummy podcast and so much more. Mostly she has a woman who has greatly transformed in the past six months which has dramatically reshaped her life and business!

Based in the northern area of Melbourne, Australia, Lisa Jane is an aspiring humanitarian, with her magnetic smile and charismatic nature, she educates and entertains with her stories and wisdom bringing balance to any life experience.

Lisa Jane hosts a quirky podcast show with health and well-being mentors a-like bridging the gap between Science and Beauty.

She runs hands-on workshops with activities, simple strategies and techniques that guides you to self-care; bringing yourself back in balance following “The 7 Pillars To Self-Care” she created in her years as a Holistic Beauty and Skin Therapist.

A woman born in the dark ages, now shining bright guiding you into the light years.