When I look back, one of my biggest “business hindsights” is that I wish I’d made the decision to invest in a coach sooner than I did. The progress I’ve made since making that decision is incredible. I realize I could have gotten where I am in my coaching career much sooner — had I made that choice much sooner.

It’s not unusual at all for business owners and entrepreneurs to have the “I can do it all” mindset — especially when the excitement of starting out is high and money is low. But the reality is: we can’t. Investing in business coaching, early on, is one of the best investments you can make for your own business.

Whether you’re busy trying to establish your business, working on developing a new product or service, or developing a growth strategy for your existing operation, the experience and expert opinion from a coach can be invaluable for both the short-term and long-term health of your business.


Making the choice to work with a Business Coach will create more money, much sooner, than you might expect. The ROI (Return on Investment) can make all the difference in how (and with what speed) your business grows.

Experience and Expertise – Business coaches are familiar with what works and what doesn’t. They offer expert guidance and advice based on, often, their own personal experience of successes and failures as well as knowledge from working closely with other entrepreneurs.

Fresh Perspective – The support offered by a business coach is priceless. They keep you out of your “negative zone” when you have those moments of self-doubt or begin to question yourself. They serve as a shield that protects you from overwhelm. They bring you back on track so as to maintain a steady progress, even when you want everything to happen at once. And, many times, they can offer a different perspective that you may not have thought of or conceived.

Existing Business Network – A strong cornerstone of a successful business is a network base of industry connections. Strong connections that will serve to grow your business and maintain the forward path within your field. Building a business network within your niche will put the right opportunities in front of you and create invaluable introductions that will support your business — and your business insights — as well as your confidence.

Different Skill Set – You’ve made the decision to become an entrepreneur because you recognize a skill or idea that you have and want to offer in service to others. But, there are basic components to all businesses that not everyone is familiar with or has strengths in. A business coach can guide you through those areas such as business structure, bookkeeping, best marketing practices, hiring and managing employees, and legalities such as taxes and licensing. They help you see the big picture of the behind-the-scenes operations of a successful business.

Return on Investment – A committed business coach has your best interest in mind and truly wants to see you succeed. Finding a coach you feel comfortable with, and trust, can be a difficult search. You want to seek someone who has the experience in your field or at the very least, a field parallel to yours. Take time to get to know them and be sure you will feel comfortable working with them. Don’t necessarily hire the first coach you meet. This is one of the most important decisions of your business and the beginning of a potentially long relationship. As your business grows, the work you do together will adjust and shift to maintain an upward momentum.

Choosing to work with a business coach is going to give you a boost to streamline your business with fewer mistakes and setbacks. So go ahead and lay the strong foundation necessary for success — with more ease, more efficiency, and less stress.

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