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At times, everyone has their own personal conversations with themselves. The contents of this conversation may include words of self-preservation or just a short pep talk that’s meant to encourage.

These frank conversations can take place just before an important exam that you must pass, or the anxiety you’re experiencing while wishing for a positive outcome involving a business presentation.

You may be deep in worry because of an argument you just had with someone you love. What transpired during your exchange is a time of second-guessing of yourself, as you ponder whether or not you’re truly the one who’s to blame for the hurtful things that were said.

This private one-on-one conversation may be coming from the nerves you feel because you’re about to meet someone for the first time, and it’s imperative that you make a great impression.

Oftentimes, self-discussion increases negativity and your ability to absolutely believe in what’s good about you.

This kind of mind chatter enters your life immediately after you’ve been part of a situation that ends in an emotional letdown.

When something’s frustrating you or causing you to doubt your capabilities it’s easy to turn to the dark side.

How can you deal effectively with any situation that makes you feel poorly about yourself and still be able to accomplish great things?

Let’s apply this to your writing.

Wanting to be the best writer is all well and good. However, being patient about the creative process is essential.

Great writing’s possible. Your desire to develop content, showing you’re an accomplished writer is just the beginning.

Over the holiday I found myself struggling with my own writing creation. It wasn’t because I chose to procrastinate about the process, rather it had more to do with too many distractions getting in the way of my creative genius.

The time I normally set to meet up with a group of writers on a weekly basis wasn’t happening due to the many other priorities that’d taken the top spot in getting done.

I realize that as a writer, there will be times when your creative juices aren’t flowing and other things in life will take priority. This doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Instead, take a look at these times as an opportunity to re-group and refresh for the next time you sit down and write.

Allowing yourself to take a writing break’s healthy! In fact, you’ll come back full speed ahead. I’m living proof of that as I write this article to you today.

When you do get back into writing, remember that having a schedule where you designate certain times and days for your writing will help you to foster your individual writing style.

Growing your own writing personality will come as naturally as waking up each morning with an eagerness to write your thoughts down.

Your willingness to be vulnerable through the sharing of personal stories will help to increase a special bond your reader craves. Be brave and know it’s better than okay to get intimate.

Writing that provides the picture-perfect words to describe a scene or situation will enhance your reader’s wishes to consume the language you’ve provided that stirs the very soul of your story.

Reach for what’s possible to activate your writing.

Here’s your writing invitation: The New Year is the best time to set goals and get organized. What writing project would you like to accomplish this year? Try writing down what that looks like and how your ideas will unfold.

And let me know if what you read today was helpful, by commenting below. If you have further questions or thoughts, write to me at [email protected].

Photo Credit: Simon English,