At the first “hello!”—right out of the gate, the first time you meet someone—how confident are you? How in tune are you with your truest self and how often do you let that self be seen? Today, Raia Carey, Certified Life Coach and motivational speaker, lays new ground to finding self-confidence with simple ways to seeing a bolder, more authentic you and fresh questions to ask yourself during any moment you feel your confidence slipping away.  

Raia, also known as Coach Carey, is passionate about encouraging others to tap into the confidence they never knew they had. After overcoming various hardships, she was able to transform her mindset and begin a career that empowers others to do the same. Through Raia’s motivational lecture The Confidence Talk, she’s able to provide corporate wellness workshops to a wide variety of organizations such as LinkedIn, Soho House, Royal Bank of Canada, TribalScale, and many more. 

In her workshops Raia equips the audience with tangible tools to immediately implement in their daily life and steers them towards gaining self-awareness, resilience, and sustainable success. By openly sharing her triumphs and tribulations, Raia uses her vulnerability to foster a welcoming and safe environment in every room she enters. She strives to inspire and lead those around her by providing unwavering support, guidance, and motivation. 

Your moment to confidently grow, learn, and rise starts NOW–listen in!

Key takeaways:

The childhood lesson. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Raia shares her personal experience of being bullied on her first day of fourth grade and talking herself up from humiliation—and the thing she did next only further proves her inner strength. In difficult times the ONE thing needed to move you forward is . . . [17:38].

The confidence talk. Where does your confidence stem from? It’s all too easy to get wrapped up with praises that come from external things like your looks, style, and possessions. But when you dig deep beyond the superficial, what do you see? The KEY to solving your true confidence mystery is . . . [26:47].

The safe place. When it comes to meeting someone for the first time, how often do you share the real, most vulnerable self? Let’s be honest—no one does! But there are ways to get to a comfort level with a stranger in a matter of a few questions. Get the ball rolling with these THREE questions . . . [40:25].

The happy toolbox. This time in our world is monumental. Listen to the news or scroll through your social feed and you’re bound to find something that haunts you for days. So what can we do to lift ourselves up and rise? Raia’s BEST advice to finding a way to bloom in the gloom . . . [52:16].  

Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. You’re never more than One Idea Away from a whole, new reality. 

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