Building a life that lights you up from morning till night doesn’t happen instantly or come knocking on your door—but what if there was a secret starting line? A hidden place where you could find some solid confirmation and guidance that said, “Yes! This is the way!” Power iPEC coaches and spouses, Amanda Kaufman and Chris Lavelle, are sharing their method and reasons why now, even during the pandemic, is the perfect time to explore your sunny horizons.

Amanda and Chris have 35 years of consulting experience between them prior to starting their own coaching business together. For the past seven years, they’ve successfully shared their knowledge to help other coaches learn the business development side of coaching such as marketing, sales, and more to get them up and thriving. Married with four children (and lots and lots of cats) this dynamic couple’s here to share their unique and life-changing CRUSH method to get anyone—future coaches and beyond—moving towards the life they dream of building.

Open yourself up to the possibilities ahead—listen now!

For the video version of the interview, visit the One Idea Away YouTube channel!

Key takeaways:

Your wake-up call. Ever wonder if you’re on the right path career-wise, but just need that extra ounce of validation? For Amanda, it was a light in the dark that instantly snapped on! A journey of discovery and reassurance starts NOW . . . [13:10].

Your partner in crime. Working with someone you like comes easy, but what happens when that someone’s your partner? If you’re looking to blend a relationship with a business, you’ll need some solid advice; start HERE . . . [24:38].

Your ‘Go!’ button. Feeling like you’re stuck in life? Whether you’re interested in starting a coaching business or simply want to move forward in life, learn the skills you need to ‘CRUSH’ it! THIS method is everything you’re looking for…[32:32].

Your starting line. Everyone at this very moment is dealing with the uncertainty of the pandemic, but there’s one fact: there’s never been a better time to take action for yourself and your goals. Sounds risky? Here’s WHY now’s your time to act . . . [40:34].

Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. You’re never more than One Idea Away from a whole, new reality.

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