Are there moments of clarity, creativity, and calmness that can transpire even in today’s uncertainty when our world seems upside down? In this first episode of our Energy Explorer Series, we’re sounding off an ecstatic ‘YES!’ Committed coach and mentor to international leaders, Minou Hexspoor, shares her best and experienced advice to surviving troubling times and thriving.

Minou’s coaching and mentorship is focused on those working in complex conditions and dealing with high-stress levels (as well as overwhelm) who are looking to create a durable and effective work-life environment that honors their boundaries and priorities. She’s an ICF PCC credentialed coach trained by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and her work is about helping individual clients connect with their powerful, authentic, genuine, and transparent selves so they cultivate the type of lives that they’re looking for.

Let’s dive into the reality of where we are and the hopeful vision of where we’re going–NOW!

For the video version of the interview, visit the One Idea Away YouTube channel! 

Key Takeaways:

Chaos escape. While today’s world seems haywire outside (and perhaps inside) your home, managing the uncertainty of everything might be easier than you think. It’s time to get in touch with your imagination and try this ONE playful practice . . . [19:32].

Mindset restored. Right now your expectations for everything are massive–family, work, routine, etc. But what about you? What are you doing for YOU? Self-care is critical, even now, and while you can’t access a spa or gym at the moment, give THIS a try . . . [24:48].

Healthy response. Are you having a good day or a junky one? If it’s a good one, great, and if it’s a bad one, that’s okay, too. There’s beauty in mastering how to respond versus react to your situation. The SECRET to learning it is . . . [36:13].

Entrepreneurial approach. Whether you run your own business or work for a company, we’re all connected in our current working experience. And while it’s in our connection that we’ll thrive, to be impenetrable to what the future brings you’ll need THIS . . . [42:15].

Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. You’re never more than One Idea Away from a whole, new reality.

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