When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? For many of us, we never became the firefighter, the pilot, the CEO; but it wasn’t because we didn’t really want to. So much of our passions and pursuits are clouded by the immense fear of failing (and more). Good news! While you may not be able to become the idol you once wished, you can befriend fear and make it work for you in helping you get “unstuck.”

Director of Community for iPEC Coaching, Jenny Wiley and President of iPEC Coaching, Luke Iorio, uncover the mystery of fear with world traveler and certified professional coach, Matt Hogan. Matt works with individuals who are actively making or hoping to make an impact in the world through the causes and the people that they serve. His lifelong mission that he’s embraced is really helping to answer the question, how does fear influence the world we live in and what can we do about it to transform our lives and the lives of others?

Get to know what fear means to you to gradually become aligned with yourself and others–starting now!

Key takeaways:

Your internal liberty. Ask yourself: what does freedom mean to you? Does freedom mean you have choices, that you live without limitations–or is it more physical? Can it be all of those things? Freedom could ALSO be . . . [07:21].

Your purpose, demystified. When you begin to question and wonder the purpose of your life, it’s an investigative journey that requires you to dig deep and begin to peel back the layers of who you are. The ONE question you must ask before you start your search . . . [17:09].

Your begrudged ally. Whether you want it or not, fear is biological. It kicks in when you’re in danger and gives you that internal motivation to spring into action. So why do we dread the idea of fear? Make fear your friend but learning THIS . . . [22:34].

Your hidden treasure. Ever feel you’re in the middle of an exciting experience like a much-needed vacation or enjoying a family event you’ve been looking forward to, and then you feel it–something’s missing? HERE’s how to decode what you’re overlooking . . . [46:04].

Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. You’re never more than One Idea Away from a whole, new reality.

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