Joy and sorrow–they go hand in hand. But why does one seem easier and more comfortable to cope with than the other? And while grief can be extremely difficult to face and work through, psychotherapist and authenticity architect Dr. Patti Ashley is here to offer insightful life lessons to bring clarity in even the hardest moments of our lives.

Dr. Ashley’s also an international workshop presenter, author, and speaker who brings unique insight into the identification and treatment of trauma, shame, grief, as well as dysfunctional family patterns. Her signature model of authenticity architecture creates long-term changes in the brain as well as in the nervous system, breaking through barriers to personal freedom and authentic growth while excavating the truth of self-love, belonging, and connection.

Dr. Ashley’s 35-plus-years of experience include: developing and teaching, continuing education courses for physicians, hospital wellness programs, university, and other private organizations. Her latest book, Letters To Freedom: From Fear to Love to Grace, is a beautiful, profound memoir of grief and relationship.

Get ready to rewrite your take on grief and see what it unfolds!

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Key Takeaways:

The heartbreak movement. We live in a culture that does everything possible to avoid and ignore grief. Too many feels! But what would happen if the next time tragedy knocked on your door, it was welcomed with open arms? Heartbreak’s surprising gift is THIS . . . [13:07].

The genetic insight. Did you know that each of us is carrying at least 14 generations of ancestral trauma in our DNA? It’s the key to why unconsciously we might try to avoid overall distress. So how do we evolve from deep traumatic roots before our time? The beauty unfolds HERE . . . [27:06].

The mindful takeaway. What is grace? Is it the moment where you find clarity–a sense of safety–where you relinquish control? Dr. Ashley says it’s all that and more. But how can we make ourselves more open to accepting grace in our lives? Remember this ONE life lesson . . . [43:59].

Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. You’re never more than One Idea Away from a whole, new reality.

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