Are you walking in a cloud of disconnection or separation due to something you’re longing for? A better relationship, a sense of purpose at your job–or even worse–you simply don’t know what IT is but you know it’s missing. You’re not alone (far from it). Meet Aaron Rose, a champion of the world and motivational speaker who’s an expert at minimizing the gap between the disconnection of reality and longing.

Aaron’s a transformational coach for public figures as well as an inclusive culture consultant and energy worker committed to changing and enjoying the world simultaneously. He’s devoted to healing our crisis of separation and political polarization by designing radically inclusive community cultures, facilitating individual recovery from trauma and isolation, and empowering the next generation of change-makers to lead the way. Aaron has facilitated cultural transformation across multiple industries. His clients have included McKinsey, Columbia University, Greenpeace, T-Mobile, and many more; and as a transformational coach and energy worker, Aaron helps public figures transcend their fears of criticism and embrace their unique role in building a better world.

Your sense of disconnection’s unlocked . . . starting NOW!

Key Takeaways:

Deep magic. There are times where you feel like you’re walking in darkness. A trauma has changed you, you’re feeling isolated, you see no way out. So in the face of all this overshadowed darkness, how do you remain hopeful? Remember these TWO things . . . [09:54].

Deep roots. It starts when you’re young–the experiences, memories, things that were said to you–each of them form your existence. But in order to break free of such ingrained thinking, you must first identify it. Start asking THESE questions . . . [19:37].

Deep intention. What connection are you most seeking–the one at work, at home, within yourself? Step one’s to make the realization that this is the area of your life you want to better. Step two isn’t so easy (it’s a big one) and it starts HERE . . . [35:12].

Deep curiosity. Is there something you feel secretly passionate about? Someone states their opinion about a specific matter or disregards your thoughts and almost automatically the kernel of anxiety starts gearing up. The ONE reason you should explore that sense of wonder is . . . [44:00].

Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. You’re never more than One Idea Away from a whole, new reality.

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