The research is clear⁠—the brain’s obsessed with safety and survival. What’s most interesting is our brains are more concerned with what we do rather than who we are . . . but what does it all mean? Listen in as brain coach, James Garrett, shares more revelations and insight from his wealth of experience and travel.

James is the Founder and CEO of Brain by Design. As a brain hacker, he has spoken on stages ranging from Harvard to TEDx and his work has been featured in The New York Times, FastCompany, Harvard Business Review, as well as many others. James spent years doing research with some of the best psychologists in the world at Columbia as well as Yale. He’s a content creator at Course Builder; his course on the science of coaching has been rated one of the best courses for coaches and is currently certified by the International Coach Federation for continuing coach education credits. James also built one of the only brain-based positive psychology curriculum in the Middle East and trained thousands of Arab youth in partnership with Queen Rania of Jordan.

Discover what’s possible with a little brain hacking and an enlightening introduction to neuroplasticity.

Kay takeaways:

Brain recognition. Ever meet someone new and you’re instantly convinced of who they are? In 10 minutes you’ve stereotyped their personality and, turns out, there’s science behind it all. Change your initial behavior and unlock major opportunities by knowing THIS . . . [09:51].

Brain focus. Bringing on little change is doable, step by step, but what about shifting master habits? The BIG changes you seek and deeply care about? The best research says to try this ONE thing to get you going . . . [18:20].

Brain tricks. You have bad habits. You have good habits. For James, he has a habit of craving chocolate at 10 PM nightly. Whether it’s a good/bad thing, your brain doesn’t care as long as what you do is routine. HERE’s why and how to make changes . . . [26:03]

Brain breakdown. So many of us are living in a state of being overworked and overstressed. The symptoms include irritability, inability to focus, and constant need for distraction⁠—sound familiar? The WHY behind how it starts and the reason to slam on the brakes . . . [35:57].

Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. You’re never more than One Idea Away from a whole, new reality.

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