Let’s go back to the beginning–way back–before you can remember what it ‘meant’ to be, speak, or act like a girl/boy. Before the bullies, the media influences, the overall social norms–who were you? Dr. Michael Reichert, an expert in the field of child development, shares his deep research and strategies on creating a healthy childhood that leads to a healthy adulthood.

Dr. Reichert’s the founder and the head of The Center for the Study of Boys and Girls Lives, which is a research collaborative with the University of Pennsylvania. He’s an applied and research psychologist who’s immersed himself in clinical research and consultative experiences that have afforded him a profound understanding of the conditions that allow a child to flourish in their natural environment and context–in family, in school, and in society. Dr. Reichert has created and run programs in inner communities as well as some of the most affluent suburban areas around the world. He’s published numerous articles and several books, including his latest How To Raise A Boy: The Power Of Connection To Build Good Men.

Nourish the child within; nourish their full humanity–starting with yourself.

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Key takeaways:

The real landscape. From the moment we’re born we’re connected, yearning to meet eye-to-eye, skin-to-skin, and have a bond with one another. So what happens down the line of living life that changes all that? How do we get so off track? Eye-opening research shares THIS greatest secret . . . [11:21].

The identity machine. From the beginning, you’re told who to be and what rules to follow–from your parents to your teachers, down to the movies you watch. Your world may have decided who you are . . . but it hasn’t won yet! Get ready to turn back the tide. Start HERE . . . [27:12].

The one-on-one relationship. Michael dives deeply into the power of listening, starting at a young age and the dramatic effects doing so has on our ability to connect with others, and most importantly, to ourselves. But is there more to it? For the full dose, add these TWO other strategies . . . [49:00].

Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. You’re never more than One Idea Away from a whole, new reality.


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