Nurturing. Healing. Love. Three powerful words that define compassion across all cultures–that when combined create a profound formula that can lead you to choosing love in any situation in your life. And these exact words were left behind– written on a kitchen chalkboard–by Jesse Lewis, six-year-old martyr of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting in December 2012.

In a nation riddled with climbing statistics of depression and anxiety among our youth, could nurturing, healing, love be the simple solution to avoiding future tragedies both big and small? Scarlett Lewis, (Jesse’s mom) who founded the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement after her son was murdered, shares her heroic journey, along with influential advice on choosing love in your darkest moments to inspire a more positive, healthy future for all.

Shortly after Jesse’s death, Scarlett decided to be part of the solution to the issues we’re seeing in our society that also resulted in this tragedy. She founded the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement and became an advocate for social and emotional learning–which teaches children how to manage their emotions, feel connected, and have healthy relationships. She’s been instrumental in changing legislation to incorporate social-emotional learning into our schools. The Jesse Lewis Empowering Education Act was introduced by Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, and in December of 2015 Congress approved the Every Student Succeeds Act.

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Key takeaways:

The hopeful lesson. The issues of bullying, suicide, and mental illness don’t end when kids graduate from school. They persist and even get worse into adulthood as they struggle to find connection with themselves and others . . . but there’s hope! Decades of research and the latest statistics have revealed a possible solution. A brighter future lies in THESE skills . . . [15:13].

The compassion train. In the wake of severe tragedy and heartbreak, how do you move forward? Scarlett says you must take your personal power back and cut the cord that attaches you to pain . . . but is it possible when it hurts so much? Without forgetting or turning a blind eye, learn THIS to let go peacefully . . . [21:29].

The brave choice. When you’re attacked–either vicariously or personally–it’s easy to remain frozen in fear. It’s instinctual for you to build a wall against the world and never want to let anyone in again. But there’s a better way, a healthier way, a healing way. The BRIDGE that brings you from fear to love is . . . [30:40].

The heartfelt movement. Anger starts with a thought. Joy starts with a thought. 70-80% of our tens of thousands of daily thoughts are negative, and although it’s intuitive–it’s changeable. Create the ripple effect to a safer, more peaceful and loving world with YOU. This ONE exercise can get you started . . . [34:30].

Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. You’re never more than One Idea Away from a whole, new reality.