Pain, adversity, fear. You can’t live life without them — they’re part of the big game. But can you overcome them and truly be changed for the better? Can you be transformed from such profound, heartbreaking experiences, and be hopeful to build a life that’s fulfilling? We say, why not?

Registration for Living the Dream Virtual Summit, a four-day virtual conference filled with extraordinary speakers and experts sharing their proven practices and exercises on how to let go of whatever’s holding you back from believing in yourself, is NOW open. Visit to register. And while you’re thinking about pursing your happiness, listen in as creative artist and entrepreneur, Michael Nova shares his experienced advice on taking in the bad and using it as fuel to empower you on whatever lies ahead.

Michael has developed a proven track record overseeing multiple business and creative projects simultaneously. He’s been the President of Nova Music Productions, is the founder of Nova Disc and Nova Custom Printing, and co-founded Metrofly, a non-profit organization to host fundraising events for charity. Michael’s also well-known for independently funding and creating the music and film multimedia project, X: The Human Condition with his music group, XTHC (the acronym for X: The Human Condition). His greatest journey has been overcoming a life-threatening disease while facing the possibility of being permanently blind.

Now fully recovered, discover how Michael’s encouraging others to confront their challenges face forward, embrace them for what they are, and hopefully and enthusiastically build a life of their dreams.

Key takeaways:

The pitfall syndrome. Money, relationship, and health issues – they all can appear in an instant and when you least expect it. When you feel like the world’s crumbling around you, where do you go? How can you regain your footing and power? Learn THIS lesson…[08:07].

The human condition. It can seem almost impossible to not feel isolated when things are just going badly. Like when the connection to those around you is completely lost, that you’re peers won’t understand, and that you’re in this mess alone. Well listen up! It’s the exact opposite actually. Discover the secret to surviving and thriving among friends, by starting HERE… [13:42].

The belief system. In life we follow patterns. We adapt to the way we think things should be and our beliefs in such can either liberate us or create a cage in which we live in. How do you spot the difference, and more importantly, how can you change your belief system when it’s more often than not instilled at a young age? Try THIS to set yourself free…[25:10].

Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. You’re never more than One Idea Away from a whole, new reality.