Marni welcomes the Co-Founder and CEO of the MeetMe Geoff Cook into the Den. MeetMe is a live video streaming approach to the dating world. The app increases your chances to meet ‘your’ person by offering more opportunities than you could ever have in person. During the show, Geoff shares the benefits of the MeetMe app, what the future of dating looks like, and the best way to utilize the app to get the most responses from your personal live stream, including the forthcoming dating game.


Geoff is a serial entrepreneur who met his wife when they were in the 7th grade. He comes from a place of love and wants to make love connections happen for everyone.  


What Makes MeetMe so Amazing? [3:17]


We ladies are well aware of the issue of users of online dating sites misrepresenting themselves. There is no solid way to verify the authenticity of profiles on the common text-based dating sites. A users profile picture may be outdated or may not even be a photo of the person it claims to be. The struggle of authenticity is real! But, it’s also easily overcome with MeetMe’s progressive live streaming mobile technology.  


The MeetMe live streaming component is designed to make it fun and engaging to make connections and to move toward meeting your person. The app boasts 4.5 million active, chat and live-stream video users.


Searching for users who are broadcasting their lives includes parameters such as near me, relationship status, and interests.  Geoff says the beauty of this app is that you can see what someone is doing in real time. A live-stream mobile dating game is also in the works.


Get instant feedback for how you present yourself to the dating community.


Everything You Want in a Dating App [12:03]


The age range of the fastest adopters and most frequent users of the live-streaming function in the app is 18-34. But, if you are a 35-50 year-old and are not ready to take the technological leap, MeetMe also offers a non-live component. So, you can still find people near you and engage in text-based chat.


50% of MeetMe users have met in real life after meeting on the network.


If you are looking for real connection or just entertainment the app automatically includes both mediums. It provides an insider view of who you are talking to you can’t get from text-based dating sites.


Use the App to Re-invigorate Your Dating Life [24:59]


The dating app doesn’t have a dress code but high-level streamers put energy and effort into putting their best foot forward. With a user base of 50% men and 50% women, it’s fun to watch existing users for tips and ideas for how to get a lot of attention with your profile.


Ladies, this app allows you to be in the driver’s seat of dating while maintaining your feminine allure.


When females initiate an online conversation, they receive an above average amount of responses.


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