“Teach what you need to learn, until you learn it.” — Dr. Wayne Dyer

This week I’m recording out from Bloomington, IN, where I just finished up having an awesome weekend with my son at his college.  My experience this weekend caused me to reflect on a specific aspect of myself I’d like to address today — and that is my tendency to be a “Malcontent.” I’d describe a malcontent as someone who is never quite satisfied with where they are, always in search of the next big thing. While there are times that this can certainly fuel us in our lives — it’s what has allowed me to become a psychologist, author, and a guest in numerous national media outlets — it also makes it very easy to bypass the present moment, and the deep-fulfilling happiness that emanates from a gratitude for the experience in front of us right now.  So take a quick listen, and then I urge you to go out into your life and really try to connect with and appreciate whatever experience happens to be in front of you.  I suspect you won’t regret it!