• How can you get on the same page with your partner when it comes to money?
  • If you have a saver and a spender in a relationship…what tactics can you use to communicate with each other?
  • How can we involve our children in the family finance conversation? 

Our guest is known as “Madam Money”.  She is the author of the best-selling book “Financial Fornication” and “The 4 Financial Languages: The Secrets to Communicating About Money.”—-more—-

She has an extensive professional background and experience in the financial services industry ranging from Bank Officer, Operations Consultant toVice President of Lending of several financial institutions across the country, as well as the Executive Vice President and Interim President & CEO at a credit union in Atlanta, GA.

She is the host of the popular podcast, “Financial Fornicating with Madam Money,” where she shares fun financial tips for a sexier and healthier relationship with Money and Credit!   She is also the founder of the (hashtag) #WomensWealth movement, where she provides online classes and hosts the B.O.S.S. (Business Owner Success Strategies) Brunch Tour across the United States.

She inspires her audience to have more pleasurable and enjoyable relationships with their finances to live their best lives ever.

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