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Communication and writing expert LornaMcCarty takes words and creates magic on paper. As a published author, blogger, and former journalist, she understands the importance of telling a story from the lens of the reader. Her message inspires readers to take action on what matters most – bringing their own story to life.

Activate Your Gratitude and You’ll Supercharge Your Writing

Have you noticed that when you put your energy and focus into feeling badly, unfulfilled and angry, you find yourself in a paralyzed state of mind? You may be anxious or extremely frustrated because despite how hard you work to achieve what brings…

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The Art of Showing up While Turning Possibilities Into Realities

Is your writing a hobby--something you do only for pleasure--or do you seriously write to make a difference? If you're a serious writer, do you actively participate to make life better for others? As a child, I recall something my dad often said to…

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How Emotional Support Contributes to the Value of Writing

Do you like being independent and making every decision on your own? Would you appreciate receiving emotional support from someone who can help you make important decisions? It may seem that no one has the time to spare to assist you, because life…

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Your Courage Will Reward You Immensely

Everyday life brings us something new to meet head-on or to sidestep. With any situation there's the choice to do your best, to resolve the issues at hand, or to remove yourself completely. No matter the circumstance, there's always a level of…

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Release Judgment to Be a Powerful Writer

It’s been years since I felt the sting of being ostracized. When you’re young you think no one can stop you as you make plans for a bright future. Working hard, following the rules, and reaching for the stars, were the qualities I lived. As a…

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Number One Behavioral Skill That Contributes to Writing Resilience

How do you feel when you wake up after spending the night in relatively uninterrupted slumber? Are you rested? In a brain fog? Wish you could sleep for another hour? Every individual has different sleep needs; and no matter who you are or what you…

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Get Hooked on Superior Writing Through a New Point of View

How often do you step away from your writing and check out the view from another vantage point? Sometimes the words you want to write down fail to appear. When that happens, forcing the words can cause the experience of writing to be an unpleasant…

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One Thing to Celebrate Every Day

It’s a new year and a new opportunity for positive change in your life. Do you appreciate who you are, the joy that your time on Earth brings, and notice the simple things in life that convey happiness? Sometimes, when things aren't going well, you…

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Believing in Future Writing Results

Another cold, snow-bathed winter’s day. I'm sitting behind my laptop, looking out the window at a landscape that appears damp, brown in color, and stark. For me, it’s the perfect time to delve deeply into my thoughts. I’ve always been a planner.…

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Writing Confidently Without That Negative Feeling

Have you noticed that when you turn on the internet or your television set, you often see the world overflowing with negativity? Television hosts and news anchors are much more outspoken and opinionated than they were years ago. There's always some…

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