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Christine Walsh has worked in finance and accounting for 20 years and is now solely focused on working with self-aware women who are ready to have TRUE financial wealth by having them not only look at the dollar signs on the page, but also to look at the actual relationship they have to those dollar signs. Christine is the creator of The 5 Elements of Financial Freedom and The Money Archetype Quiz where she takes women from dysfunction to thriving around their money. She is a CPC (Certified Professional Coach), ACC (Associate Certified Coach), and ELI-MP (Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner).

Through loving guidance, support, training, and an expert perspective, Christine empowers women to challenge their fears about money in order to create genuine and lifelong wealth that feels true, vibrant, and inspiring.

Here’s Your Permission Slip to Make More Money

There's a very special and secret permission slip that only you can give yourself to make more money . . . and that permission slip goes something like this, “I give myself permission to make more money.” Yep, it’s that simple. Yet, is it easy to do…

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Do You Have a Mean Girl in Your Life?

You're smarter than her, so why's she still around? The Mean Girl . . . oh, she’s a devil. Deceitful, sneaky, conniving, jealous, a little sassy, and a big talker. You know the one. When she's all up in your face, you just can’t seem to shake her.…

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You Must Use This Tool If You Want to Grow Your Business, Income, and Life

As of this month, I've been meditating for 20 minutes a day for seven years. It's the most important thing I've done in my life to increase my happiness, fulfillment, and income. Meditation's made me a different person. A better person. There's a…

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Your Need for Safety vs. Your Need for Growth

This world right now is asking--no, BEGGING us to show up--show up in ways that we might not be used to or comfortable with. Showing up fully to ourselves, to our home life, to our businesses, to our communities. For most of you, that'll mean…

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Why Financial Well-Being Starts With Self-Care

I didn’t expect it to happen like this . . . but it was (and still is) a pivotal time in my finances. Money was SUPPOSED to come to me through hard work, persistence, and hustle. My coaching business was about a year-and-a-half old, and I was (and…

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How to Regain Your Checks and Balances This Holiday Season

Oh, the holidays! They're here. The pressure to “show up” is here.  The period where you can blame drain and overwhelming emotions on a month filled with “overdoing” it on many levels that may deplete your physical bank account--as well as your…

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Why We Suck At Receiving

You hear the phrase often, “the art of receiving,” and my blog today was going to be called that and then I thought about, why IS it an art form? My answer to that question is this: most of us don’t truly know how to fully receive. That's why it's…

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The 5 Elements to Not Worrying About Money

The process I created and use with my clients is The Five Elements of Financial Freedom Process, or in other words, The Five Elements to Dropping Your Fear Around Money. Because essentially, that's what financial freedom is . . . freedom. To do…

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Three Questions That Will Significantly Change Your Money Patterns

If you even have an inkling that you know you should be looking at your relationship with money so that you can make more, hold on to more of what you make, or have it not be an anxiety-ridden endeavor when you DO look at it . . . I have three…

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The Big 3 Money Myths and How to Remove Them

So many of you are living under money myths that aren't allowing you to move forward in your business and your life! And it’s totally normal. My question is: have you ever taken the time to look at them? Well now's your chance . . . Here are some…

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