Proven Strategies For Awakening To One’s Authentic Success.

As a professional storyteller for over 25 years, I have shared stories of all kinds to listeners of all ages, and, I have gathered hundreds of stories, both traditional and personal. Over time, one unchangeable truth emerged: the story about who you are here to be is the story that drives the conditions of your life.

This story has the power to determine the quality of the life you live. It can keep you tethered, or, it can launch you into the stratosphere. It is the most powerful self-development tool you have.

Understanding your story – your life purpose – and consciously choosing what it will be is the single most potent transformational tool you were born with.

What The Tick Was Telling Me: My Personal Lyme Story, Part 2

Home Sweet Home [Continued from What The Tick Was Telling Me: My Personal Lyme Story, Part 1] Upon my return home, I went to my healthcare provider, a chiropractor who utilized Autonomic Response Testing and a kit that contained all of the possible…

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What The Tick Was Telling Me: My Personal Lyme Story, Part 1

Bulletin from a Bite When the tick bit me, infecting me with Lyme, it was telling me something. It was communicating to me that the walls I'd built throughout my life to ward off toxic energies weren't going to work anymore. They probably hadn't…

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5 Key Benefits of Having a Daily Morning Practice

The sound of the alarm seeps into your consciousness as the last wisps of your early morning dream slip away like the hem of a ghostly, tattered cloak. What will it take for you to open your eyes and say 'yes' to your day? Hopefully, you feel…

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What No One Tells You About Gratitude

A man is walking to his shop in the morning to begin his work day. On the ground very near the door, a $100 bill in lies plain view. He doesn't even see it, let alone pick it up. He'd convinced himself that nothing particularly gratitude-worthy…

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How to Rock Being Joyful For A Happier, Richer Life In 14 Days

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy. Thich Nhat Hanh Being human means that you, regardless of your conscious intentions, face moments, days, or sometimes years of trial and strife.…

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9 Steps to Become Unstoppable & Live the Life Your Heart Desires

A girl born without fibulas undergoes surgery at the age of one. The surgeons perform amputations of both of her legs below the knees. You'd probably think she'd have difficulty walking for the rest of her life. The idea of her becoming a…

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How To Set Your Intention The Right Way

You've set an intention to give your body healthy foods. Later, you smell freshly made donuts. Mmmmmmm, the fragrance is delicious. Your mouth waters and you can almost taste them. Your body wants to walk you right through the door of that shop,…

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4 Essential Things for Tuning into Your Body, Part Two

If you aren't listening to your body, then who is? Check in with these four essential things for tuning in to your body. Keep in mind that it can be very simple--although not always easy. So, why would you want to take the extra time and energy to…

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4 Essential Things for Tuning into Your Body, Part One

"Can you hear me now?" Verizon Test Man Today, the optimum tool to connect with work, community, and sometimes even family may very likely be your smartphone. If your phone doesn't have enough juice, is overloaded with apps, has a cracked screen,…

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Getting Smart With Meditation

There are three people asking you questions or need your attention all at once. You're writing a report and thoughts of your most recent Netflix binge series keep taking over. You've just been unexpectedly offered a new position and it's not clear…

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