Uncovering the Divine in spiritual seekers by nurturing self-exploration.

Laura Abernathy has been a certified life coach since 2003, a lifelong student of spirituality and a writer since childhood.  Her down to earth, deeply calm-yet-passionate approach to everything makes her teachings and creations both mysterious and compelling. She has lived a rich and diverse life focused on uncovering her authentic self, fulfilling her life purpose and supporting others in doing the same.

She is the Teacher and Founder of the Tree of Life Sanctuary, a 501(c)3 school of the Soul.  This school is a spiritual greenhouse, growing consciousness.  Their mission is to uncover the Divine in spiritual seekers by nurturing self-exploration, resulting in a loving, joyful, unified planet.

She is in the process of publishing her first book, Star Trek’s Golden Anniversary ~ A Down to Earth Journal of an Out of this World Experience.  It is the story of her 2016 experience at the Star Trek 50th Anniversary convention in Las Vegas.  Star Trek has been a continuous thread throughout the entire arc of her life. From Star Trek she learned that diversity united in love is the aim, and that objectivity provides us the pause for unity to succeed.

She lives her dream life in Northwest Washington state with her beloved husband where she continues to write and serve humanity through the Tree of Life Sanctuary.

To learn more about her, visit her websites:

Life coaching ~ www.MissionAccomplishedAcademy.com

Uncovering the Divine, raising consciousness and Hermetic Qabalah ~ www.TreeofLifeSanctuary.org

Books and blog ~ www.LauraAbernathy.com

Devotion: Using the Heart to Talk With the God Force

Did you enjoy your journey through our discussions on the different ways to use your body to be in the God Force? I'm curious to hear how you took your path deeper. Or maybe you're one of my readers who's creating a brand new path for yourself. Let…

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Power of Kindred Spirits (Part Two)

I want to inspire you to take a look at why you hang out with who you hang out with. Whether you're a hermit by nature--or a social butterfly--what you may uncover here could reveal another way of looking at people. You'll see how you can truly tap…

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The Power of Kindred Spirits (Part One)

Nothing great is ever accomplished alone, especially spiritual satisfaction. While the work to uncover the Divine Within is primarily done by oneself, we profoundly need others to traverse that path. When I reflect on who I am today and the high…

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Nature as Spiritual Nourishment

Connecting with nature outdoors is important for our spiritual growth. It not only brings more health to our body through helping us release stress, it also holds so many inspiring metaphors for contemplating the mysteries of life itself. By tapping…

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Karma Yoga

I've recently been writing about using our body to be in the God Force. I've wanted to inspire you with ways to go deep inside so you can connect with your Divine Within. Now I want to inspire you with ways to go outward to connect with that same…

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Pranayama Yoga: Part Two

If you're doing both asana and pranayama practices, which one do you do first? Since pranayama calms the mind (and thus the body), it's best to do it before you do your asana practice. Influenced by the pranayama, your body will be less likely to…

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Pranayama Yoga: Part One

The doorway to the Divine Within is through Silence. The human mind is an expert at filling the silence with noise. Yoga exists to help humans clear out that noise. Two yoga practices in particular--asana and pranayama--are the foundation for doing…

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Asana Yoga

A first step in connecting with your Divine Self is to still your body. Asana is the branch of yoga that addresses this task. The word asana means “pose,” or posture of the body. There are many asana postures, all designed to bring varying levels of…

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Three Basic Forms of Yoga

Yoga is a powerful tool to practice using our body in order to be in the God Force. Over the next few articles, I'd like to inspire you to use yoga. In particular, three types of yoga: asana, pranayama, and karma yoga. Whether you're a practiced…

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Invoking Spiritual Energy Into Our Sacred Space (Part Two)

Are you ready for part two of your latest spiritual stretch? We've discussed sacred space in your home, the importance of cleansing it, and the idea of invoking spiritual energy into it. This time we'll talk about creating and doing your unique…

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