When you’re on the path that’s right for you, the journey really is the destination.

Teresa Young is a certified professional coach and lifelong explorer of the human journey. Through an approach that gets to the heart of the matter of our precious lives, her clients create goals that truly inspire and energize them. No more figuring things out in ways the wiser body/mind/spirit may resist. Then no wonder we don’t move forward.

From Teresa:

Life coach, educator, musician, writer, and wife, mama, and nana, I’ve worked in corporate, educational, entrepreneurial, and creative settings. For profit. Non-profit. Fortune 100. Bootstrap. I’m grateful for every part of my rich life and use it all in providing life coaching. From a young age, I saw my future as a white-haired woman having conversations with others. Everything I’ve experienced has been training to live the personal vision that still inspires me daily. (I just haven’t “graduated” to white-haired yet.)

Ready to Get Busy Doing for You? Here’s How to Make Today the Day

Doing what? And when? You're no doubt busy. Modern life's action-packed. But let's face it, there's "busy" doing, well, not much. Are your most important goals and projects front and center on your to-do list? Ready to get busy doing what matters…

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So, You’re Afraid…Now What? Befriending Fear to Disrupt Its Grip Whenever It Wants to Stop You

In the mood to befriend fear today? Because the truth is, that fearful voice in your head is for you in a way. Think about it. Imagine it. Then step on into the game we’re about to play. Befriend fear. Now. Try It. After all, we each have our own…

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Unexpected News on How the Pendulum Swings as We Humans Find, Lose, and Seek Balance: It’s All Good

Balance was in the house, and then . . . In terms of finding and losing life balance, 2018 was a study in change for me. The first three quarters of the year were golden—all good things—everybody thriving. Then, the fourth quarter stopped me and…

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Unwanted Advice: Here’s What to Do When It Happens to You

Ah, unwanted advice. It's a staple of living--assuming you don't live on a desert island. We’re all connected to well-meaning others with thoughts, feelings, and opinions about what we should or shouldn't do. Sincere loved ones and friends who just…

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Keeping Your Head Clear and Your Heart Strong with Non-Judgment In Challenging Times

We all experience challenging times. They’ve been part of life’s journey since forever. And these days we’re all increasingly connected through our smart devices. So, besides whatever complexities we may be managing, troubling news and tragedies of…

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Reflecting on My Mother’s Death and the Magnificent Mystery at the Heart of Everything

Folks who know me well know the past several months have been tough for my little nuclear family. My goal now is to mark and honor my beloved mother’s recent death as the explorer of all things human that I am at my core. Doing so moves me forward…

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Are Roses Still Red? Are Violets Blue? (An Ode to Modern Love–Here and Now–For 21st Century You)

I re-connected with a friend from my early twenties last week. Talk about modern love stories! History. Memories. Trauma. Drama. Resignation. Beauty. He moved me with personal and familial tales of love, loss, anger, and acceptance. Plus, plenty of…

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Celebrate Chinese New Year and Start the Fireworks on Your Good Energy Vibe with These Age-Old Rituals

If you already celebrate Chinese New Year, you’re hip to its power rituals. My husband Kevin and I were schooled on the day's essentials by dear friends a few years ago--and they’re keepers (yes, the friends and the rituals). The following are my…

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In the Mood for a New Year Secret Success Sauce? Gratitude’s the Sweet and Simple Recipe, Baby!

Naturally spiritually-minded folks will tuck right into anything that starts like this . . . they see gratitude as a place of rest. Of peace. Where they can just be in a way that they know, however intuitively, is win-win. In contrast, other, more…

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Want an Amazing Start to the New Year? First Commit to Extraordinary Self-Care. Then. Just. Do It. (For Real)

Ah, extraordinary self-care, #10 of my 10 Beautiful New Year's Resolutions. Let's unpack it further. Because it's actually rigorous stuff for the creatively obsessed, requiring ongoing self-examination toward clarity about energy investments. And…

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