Results for Wellness Coaches

Donalisa Stinyard

Dallas Texas

Life Coach, Leadership Development Coach, Wellness Coach

The most important person you will ever lead is yourself!

D'Yonna Riley

New York

Wellness Coach, Transition Coach

Supporting individuals in reclaiming their health

Elizabeth Hall

Farmington Connecticut

Wellness Coach, Personal Coach, Life Coach

Intuitive Eating and Body Image Coach

Eileen Lopez Tome


Life Coach, Transition Coach, Wellness Coach

Let’s co-create a happy, healthy, hopeful life NOW

Eliot Spiegel

Hackensack New Jersey

Life Coach, Health Coach, Wellness Coach

Helping live at the cause not the effect of life

Elissa Goldenberg


Leadership Development Coach, Life Coach, Wellness Coach

Erica Danielle Cannon

Sint Maarten Alaska

Life Coach, Spiritual Coach, Wellness Coach

Live free! Stress free, anxiety free, depression free.

Monique Morais


Spiritual Coach, Wellness Coach, Business Coach

Keep Smiling

Etienne Lartigau

Los Angeles California

Personal Coach, Wellness Coach, Life Coach

At Proficiency Coaching, we take a realistic approach to coaching, using the Energy Leadership™ technique to shift your attitude and perception so you can create the life you want to live.

Frank Kwiatkowski

Plantation Florida

Life Coach, Wellness Coach, Spiritual Coach

Opening you to the possibilities in your life