Find a Coach

Amelia Lake

Portland Oregon

Corporate Coach, Leadership Development Coach, Career Coach

Partners in workplace transformation.

Andy Zundel

Portland Oregon

Relationship Coach, Career Coach, Life Coach

Ready to tune into your gumption? Is it time to prioritize yourself?

Clair Wallace

Portland Oregon

Corporate Coach, Career Coach, Life Coach

Mindfulness-based Leadership Coach for Creative People

Darla Millstein

Portland Oregon

Enjoyment Coach, Leadership Development Coach, Life Coach

Empowering you to find growth, joy and ease in life

Elliot Moscow

Portland Oregon

Transition Coach, Life Coach, Leadership Development Coach

​Partnering with midlifers to overcome the crises you face and energize you to achieve the life you desire

Istari Paidhrin-Wales

Portland Oregon

Life Coach, Transition Coach, Relationship Coach

Sharing simple strategies to create more enjoyment everyday!

Kim Lachapelle

Portland Connecticut

Life Coach, Leadership Development Coach, Wellness Coach

Helping women achieve rewarding goals!

Michele Greco

Portland Oregon

Life Coach, Business Coach, Leadership Development Coach

Mindfulness based life & business coach; focus on coaching creatives.

Michele Mather

Portland Oregon

Business Coach, Career Coach, Leadership Development Coach

Inspirationalist. Vision catalyst. Career fulfillment coach. A conduit for liberating what's within.

Rachel Hodgson

Portland Oregon

Personal Coach, Wellness Coach

Helping women of all shapes & sizes feel confident in their own skin