Yossef Sagi

Life Coach, Spiritual Coach, Personal Coach


Yossef is an Energy Leadership coach with a background in social, emotional and spiritual studies. For the past 14 years, he has been immersed in transforming the lives of thousands of children and adults through teaching spiritual studies and developing curricula that empower people to live out their true potential by becoming aware of, and overcoming their own internal blocks.

How I can help

In carving out a path of life, I aid you in identifying where you are now and where you want to go as well as looking out for all the potential obstacles along the way. I'll empower you to see challenges as opportunities that actually push you towards your goals.

Who I work with

Anyone who has a desire for change and is willing to put in the effort


Yossef is an exceptional coach. In addition to his years of hands-on experience transforming the lives of humans of all ages, he has a truly unique & invaluable ability to connect with people at the core of their pain and to illuminate their blind spots, then helping them un-block and transform in order to improve their life. He's patient, non-judgemental, and truly cares -- his energy leadership insight changed my life. I now see life through the 7 energy levels and it's heightened my own self-awareness. I've been on a self-improvement track for years now, and I was getting a little complacent. Yossef's coaching was so unique and powerful, yet practical and accessible. I highly recommend contacting him and seeing how you can work with him, no matter your budget.

- Becky B

Yossef is an amazing coach and teacher. His ability to help you shift perspective and understand how to live at higher levels of energy are simply amazing (and quick). His methods can be applied to your business AND your personal life. I've had many amazing Ah-Ha! moments while working with Yossef and life is much more fun operating consistently in higher orders of anabolic energy. If you're looking for someone to help you take your business to new heights OR you need someone to help guide you to a higher plane of energy and consciousness - Yossef is THE man, 1000%. Everyone has a gift. Yossef's is coaching.

- Jim S

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