V. Naledi Raspberry

Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Parenting Coach


I have used my many years of life experience helping diverse people see common ground and communicate so that they could work together. I have an M.S. in Counseling with a focus on behavior modification, which was useful professionally and my late husband and I used it to parent our deaf and hard of hearing twin sons and their younger brother. As an educational consultant, I helped teachers, administrators and parents in troubled schools work together to create more possibilities for the students. I authored  "How to Plan a Beautiful Wedding for Under $10,000 in Three Months or Less" (available at Amazon.com) to help couples keep the energies for their wedding day event and their lifelong marriage adventure in perspective. As a widow and a stroke survivor, I have learned to communicate more with my inner self to find the strength and joy that is there, waiting to be set free.

How I can help

I help couples and individuals clarify what they want, need and wish for, and then I help them develop the possibility of recognizing, achieving, acquiring or developing those desires.  My clients finish our coaching sessions feeling empowered because they have identified more strengths and gifts within themselves. I listen carefully so I can coach the whole person or couple.

Who I work with

adult individuals, couples, parents who want better communication and relationships


I needed a well-paying job with hours that would accommodate my back pain, a calmer situation caring for sickly relatives living at home and a boyfriend who was supportive and understanding. During coaching, I realized that I needed to see myself differently since I would attract a boyfriend at my level. I dropped the man I had begun to date, found ways to get more help at home, and took a class in Reiki so I could work my own hours. She helped me see a way out of my confusion.

- Madeline M.

My late husband used to build easels and frames for my paintings, but after he died I couldn't face painting again without him. I couldn't make my own canvases without thinking of him, so I didn't do anything. Naledi reassured me that those feelings were normal and encouraged me to find artistic outlets using materials that didn't remind me of him. Consequently, after coaching with Naledi, I began taking stained glass classes and I've finished two lovely pieces. Thank's Naledi for helping!

- Arlene P.

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