Troy Taylor

Executive Coach, Business Coach, Leadership Development Coach


  • Certified Executive Coach with over a decade of experience in relationship building, professional development, strategic planning, conflict resolution and facilitation.
  • Equip leaders and teams with the tools, knowledge and resources needed to be creatively productive and effective in their commitment to oneself, their organizations and their work.
  • Leader in workforce development with over 250 positive outcomes

How I can help

Coaching is a methodology to assessing, crafting a plan and help you execute a strategy. It’s really about helping you execute a solution for your individual needs. Become the powerful leader you want to be, expand your influence and your teams will begin to run like a “well-oiled machine.” If you want to stop being bogged down with employee issues that are stifling your culture, team, and growth. While thinking there must be another way, but you don’t have the time or energy to implement alone.

Who I work with

Executives / Business Owners / Tech Companies


Troy has an exceptional ability to combine professional skills training and coaching with empathy and patience, both of which are required to be an effective leader. He is passionate and committed to his work, always ready with a creative approach to the most challenging situations. Professionalism, respect and consistency are three qualities I admire about Troy. I hope we are able to work directly together again soon!

- Michelle Jones Partnership Leader NCR

Troy is a dedicated and focused coach....he's not just on the sidelines giving instructions....he will actually get in the game with you...push you and lead you to victory! Troy is a natural intuitive coach filled with insight and a passion for success that inspires you to think critically and in new ways!

- Dr. Watkins Director of Student Services

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Atlanta, Georgia, US

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