Tom Neufeld

Relationship Coach, Leadership Development Coach, Life Coach


In addition to my coaching experience, I have had a profound opportunity to engage with patients as a Registered Nurse in the intensive care unit.  What I gained from this is an intuitive ability to be present and listen to people when they are in a vulnerable state of being.  I took to coaching five years ago while unexpectedly transitioning out of a marriage; questioning self and purpose I emerged with a new found confidence in myself, people and the world around me. What is possible is to create anew and transform blocks into pathways for success and happiness.  I have also had the opportunity to work alongside some amazing organizations such as The Silver Lined Heart, Alternavida and Landmark Worldwide to name a few.

How I can help

I work with young professionals who are looking for transformation in the areas of love, commitment, communication, emotional intelligence and vulnerability. In working together, a safe and powerful environment is created allowing the unconscious mind to open, uncovering what has been hidden from the conscious view. Clients confidently move forward, removing previously unseen life blocks often caused by years of expectations, constructs, linear learning, and current behaviors that are not consistent with ones values and truest self.

Who I work with

Young Professionals (ages 18-40), Couples and Individuals.


I enjoyed my three months of coaching that I received from Tom. You will find with Tom that he is deeply intuitive and energetic, two elements that are crucial for being an effective coach. He was able to empathize with me during difficult times but have that high level of energy to motivate me to go to higher places because he knew that I was ready. He is also very intuitive! I laughed during one session because of how he described an entire thought process that I was going through and all of the emotions that I had been experiencing at that moment thanks to a brief laugh followed by quick facial expressions after answering a question of his. He is someone I would definitely go to again when in need of a coach and a motivator!

- Sean Mann

Tom has many gifts. They are demonstrated with great authenticity, and he is consistent in delivering outcomes. Tom is a fantastic listener. That is his greatest attribute. He gathers information, analyzes it and provides insightful solutions. By asking intelligent questions, Tom gets to the heart of his client's challenges. I believe Tom delivers extraordinary value because I have made enormous strides in a very short period of time. Tom's patience, generosity and professionalism make him a valuable and dependable resource. I recommend him without reservation.

- A Client