Tim Fox

Executive Coach, Leadership Development Coach, Family Coach


As a retired Naval aviator after 27 years of faithful service, I had the privilege of leading men and women as a base commander and as a squadron commander. However, my passion to help others grow and develop is what guided me to become a certified Executive Coach. Using my leadership experience, coupled with my sensitive heart and a gift for intuitive listening, I can help you make your dreams a reality.

How I can help

My passion is to help executives or others strengthen and, in some cases, restore family or work relationships. Many executives have achieved tremendous success in the business world at the expense of their families or their employees. But it doesn't stop there. I can help you unlock the power to overcome obstacles in your life and hold you accountable to achieving your goals. This includes areas of leadership, family or any other challenge that is holding you back.

Who I work with

Business Executives, people interested in unlocking their potential


"Your inspiration is mind blowing, your selflessness is undeniable."


"An amazing empowering leader with an awesome spirit. So insightful."


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Colorado, US

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