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Business Coach, Career Coach, Leadership Development Coach


Tiffany Mason is a Certified Business Coach and works with high-achievers on turning their vision into reality. Tiffany specializes in leadership development, personal growth, and time management.

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“Within 30 minutes, Tiffany's coaching session accomplished both efficiency and effectiveness in providing me with clarity on defining what I was struggled with, and obtaining clarity for immediate actions for making progress. I enjoyed this the most about her coaching style. My biggest take-away was the importance of prioritizing the 'good questions' in my mind. I struggled with decision-making for a particular situation not because I did not have ideas on what I needed to do. I had many ideas and was unable to step out to reach a level of clarity I needed to make progress. Tiffany's coaching approach was instrumental in helping me ask the right questions and sorting through my ideas to enable decision-making and reaching outcomes. Her coaching style is truly focused on empowering and not establishing a reliance on someone telling you what to do or how to accomplish something. Tiffany's coaching session inspired me to challenge myself to not only come up with ideas but also to prioritize my thoughts that will facilitate an action plan to help me reach desired outcomes. With practice, I firmly believe this will increase the quality of my life and those around me.”

- Angela Kuehl

“When I met Tiffany I was struggling with leaving my full time job to plunge full on into my photography career. I'd been juggling two full time jobs for over three years and needless to say I was overwhelmed, overworked, and completely exhausted. Tiffany helped me to realize that I needed to bite the bullet and go for it with my photography business and leave my other position. I am incredibly non confrontational and Tiffany helped walked me through the scary process of quitting and letting others down. She helped me find the confidence I needed to take my business to the next level. Tiffany is amazing at holding you accountable and helping you to achieve your goals. I told her I needed to hear that I could do it and she continuously took the time to remind me that I could. Because of her I am finally free of feeling overwhelmed and am now able to focus my energy on my family and my passion. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking guidance. She is warm, kind, and absolutely amazing at what she does.”

- Laura Tompkins

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