Teresa Young

Life Coach, Wellness Coach


Teresa Young is a lifelong explorer of the human journey. She played multiple instruments from the age of 4, and being taken utterly seriously then imprinted on her that our passions matter. She holds a 3-year certificate in holistic health and coaching certification through iPEC, one of the finest coaching training organizations in the world. Teresa's fundamental passion is the connection between satisfying life path and physical/emotional health and longevity. Through an approach that goes deep to the core of things, and wide, to a "10,000-foot view" of our precious lives, Teresa's clients create goals that truly inspire and energize them. It's a depth beneath figuring things out in ways the wiser body/mind/spirit may resist. Then no wonder we don't move forward. From Teresa, "On the path that's right for you, the journey really is the destination."

How I can help

Life coaching with me is about living your dream, for real. About doing life your way, on the path that's right for you. Then you aren't waiting for your real life to begin... someday. Maybe you have too much stress. Maybe work is depressing. Your life just ISN'T DOING IT for you. Maybe everything fell apart, or needs to. Life coaching with me is committed support, an expert in your corner who knows what to do there. It moves you forward in the ways that matter most to you. Ready? Let's go!

Who I work with

I coach bold, savvy folks ready to live the lives they're dreaming of. For real.


Teresa calls me out in the most beautiful and compelling way, reminding me of what it means to experience higher levels of energy leadership, savoring all that today has to offer while confidently turning visions and goals into realities.

- Karen, Fortune 100 executive, wife, and mom

Teresa has a great presence--she's both steady and energizing. She also consistently recognizes the positive in my situation and gives me language to express an empowering spin on what I'm going through. It really puts a wrench in my complaining, but it's contagious, and powerful. Finally, Teresa has a great sense of the artful, deep, and mysterious in life, which are assets in someone who's supporting others as they create new life circumstances.

- Michelle, young creative on the rise

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