Theresa Genusa

Life Coach, Family Coach, Personal Coach


I am a results coach who is authentic and empathic.  I will use my expertise as a coach to help you facilitate desired results.

How I can help

I will partner with you to help you navigate the challenges that come from being a caregiver. We will figure out how to best take care of yourself, deal with family challenges, and how to best care for others.

Who I work with

Caregivers (Personal and Professional)


I was very overwhelmed and stressed when I first hired Theresa. She was very patient with me and helped me to get all my thoughts back together. She helped me to realize that if I did not take better care of myself, I would not be able to keep caring for the ones I was caring for. We developed a strategy that worked for me and I feel that I am now in a much better place.

- Jessica Streitmatter

I found myself exhausted and frustrated when I first went to see Theresa, and I found that my family and myself were often not on the same page. Theresa used skills and give me tools to help me to cope with the stress that I felt I had been under for a very long time, which also helped me to be able to much better deal with the family challenges. I feel like Theresa helped create permanent changes for me.

- Madeline Henry

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Peoria, Illinois, US


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