Tara Ondusky

Life Coach, Career Coach, Personal Coach


Are you a successful woman, in the middle of your well planned, well executed, full life and you often find yourself wondering, wait what? Is this really it?  Or maybe you find yourself trying to picture what's next, but its a foggy view and you just can't tell what it might look like.

I help women in mid life who want to re-ignite their purpose, discover what they really want, and create a plan to go after it, so that they are living that purpose and more!

How I can help

As a successful corporate project and program manager, I loved helping teams see and define the path that lead them to creative and successful outcomes. As a coach, this is my personal mission! To help people see their individual paths, their impact on the whole, and the opportunity to take steps to authentic, purposeful, empowering lives… best of all created by you!


Through my coaching sessions with Tara I was able to work on how people perceived me. I was able to improve my relationships with co-workers and am on my way to being promoted. I’ve earned greater respect by others and people …. I had the answers in myself all along; I just didn’t know how to put them into action. Working with Tara enabled me to step back, take a look at myself and work on my actions.

- Robin, Grand Blanc, MI

Tara is a great coach!! I engaged Tara to help me move past my fears on a new business venture. I have been in a holding pattern for years. Literally. Tara helped me identify what was holding me back. Through weekly coaching sessions, we pressed through my fears, created a game plan, and I am well on my way to the new venture. I look forward to engaging Tara when I get “stuck” again.

- CJ, Dallas TX

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