Susanna Clavello

Wellness Coach, Life Coach, Personal Coach


I have four years of experience as a professional coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, and specialize in emotional wellness and life coaching. My experience includes working with individuals on managing distress, growing from adversity, and preventing burnout; adopting a healthy lifestyle; and facing life changes with clarity and confidence. I have also designed and delivered conference presentations and group workshops; provided mentor coaching to IPEC students; conducted Energy Leadership debriefs; and published several articles on LinkedIn.

How I can help

In the fast-paced world in which we live, slowing down and looking inward, confronting our fears and inner critic, truly listening and understanding others, engaging in difficult conversations, and facing adversity are things we often avoid. As a professional certified coach, I provide a non-judgmental, trusting space to discuss personal challenges, confront fears, explore options, navigate change, and live a balanced life.

Who I work with

My clients are individuals who are struggling with life and work challenges that create a great deal of stress and negatively impact all aspects of their lives. My clients also include organizations where people feel overwhelmed and on the verge of burnout, and have difficulty living a balanced life.


“Susanna did not tell me how to ‘fix’ myself or my situation. She listened to me intently while I shared my story and allowed me time for self-reflection. She helped me refocus my energy on positivity and helped me learn more about myself. I am eternally grateful for our sessions.”

- TB, San Antonio, TX

“When I first starting working with Susana I was very unhappy with my job and it was spreading to other parts of my life as well. After we started talking together, I quickly made moves to improve on my happiness. I felt like I had the skills to do so thanks to what Susana helped me realize about my strengths and values. I can happily say that I am much happier with my life now, and I still keep Susana’s sayings and reminders in my head!”

- NH, Austin, TX

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