Sophie Clement

Personal Coach, Wellness Coach, Management Coach


Sophie Clement was born and raised in that mustard famed capital city of Dijon France located in the east central French region of Burgundy, well known for its canals and wines. Always eager, enterprising, and self-motivated to pursue higher education, Sophie earned a bachelor’s degree in both marketing and advertising. After a few nascent professional years ensconced in a big governmental organization, Sophie, with an unusual sense of destiny and calm, and absent any real trepidation, elected to “quit everything”. She threw caution to the wind and made way from her native country to explore the Globe. After taking up residence in Spain for a brief interlude; Sophie was married, switched continents, and moved to New Jersey. Four years and two beautiful children later, Sophie with young kiddos in tow, embarked on a bold impassioned journey to pursue a calling to develop, what at the time was an unknown to her, an opportunity to establish permanence and a career in a US territory, Texas, well known and respected for its economic vitality and engine of commerce driving United States Gross Domestic Product. All her professional adult life, Sophie had been employed in mid-level positions across various industries. She was always mindful of that elusive, albeit imminent, one perfect fit; that professional career role that would compel her to do what she always knew she could do – improve individual and thus organizational performance through the sound practice and application of social science within the context of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Three years ago Sophie’s passion was revealed. Always eager to serve others; and, driven to understand the human behavior behind corporate culture and performance, she found her joy and fulfillment in organizational and enterprise coaching. In 2012, Sophie established an event planning company to organize strategic corporate occasions. Her approach was to design these events in a structured effort to motivate disaffected employees, to re-engage them in their work with a renewed commitment to themselves and to their company. But this was simply insufficient. So, she decided to take classes, become professionally credentialed, and develop her own methods and tools related to new strategies and skills that would help her incorporate a higher level of service offerings to her corporate clients. After only a few months of intensive education, she realized she had discovered her perfect fit. Sophie decided to shut down her corporate planning and event business and focus strictly on corporate and enterprise coaching. Employee engagement being her primary concern as an organizational behavior practitioner, she implemented her services through workshops focused on stress management and resilience training. Her services have made a huge impact on the professional and personal lives of employees who she has trained and coached. Sophie has personally experienced and struggled with stress her entire life, suffering from its deleterious consequences. In many ways, her internal experience has yielded the methods and tools she has developed.  A few years ago, after Sophie was diagnosed with Asperger, she began to make research her emphasis until she discovered a new and emerging science relative to stress, its impact, and how to make it both instructive and a benefactor to promoting positive results from those who see its value proposition and impact on their performance in life. Most studies and research are evidence based and emanate from either Yale University or Stanford University. Sophies findings and commitment to stress management practices that she has developed have dramatically altered the trajectory of her life. Stress is now a completely accepted and critical part of her life. Since then, she has been studying and creating programs to help others learn and experience her amazing methods and approach to stress. Today Sophie is here to introduce the new science of stress management and its inherent benefits.

How I can help

Asperger's coach - Being an Aspie myself, I have a comprehensive approach to help you focus on practical solutions to problems. You can be an aspie and live a successful and fulfilled life.

Who I work with

Anyone suffering from the Asperger's syndrome, stress and anxiety


"Sophie displays a strong passion for coaching and is very compassionate as a coach. She has the ability to help put me as ease. I feel very comfortable expressing the intimate details of my life knowing she will not pass judgment. She always encourages me throughout the process and I feel like I can achieve anything with her on my side!"

- Ashley, Member Service Rep.

"At first, I was a little skeptical about my appointment, thinking coaching might not be for me. But I went in open to possibilities and was really surprised by how much we accomplished on just my first visit. Sophie's pragmatic and objective approach got us to the root of some of my biggest struggles, shedding new light on problems that had been plaguing me for years. Her fresh, caring perspective gently, but directly moved us towards solutions that I was able to implement immediately, and I'm

- Aaron, IT Manager

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Fort Worth, Texas, US

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