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When Sheryl and her husband discovered their daughter had special needs, their world was shaken to the core. As an iPEC Certified Professional Coach, Sheryl has dedicated her life to giving parents of children with special needs the support, education, and inspiration they need to thrive through the diagnosis, advocate for their children – and come out on the other side stronger than ever.

How I can help

Book me for the following: ►Motivational speaker for your therapy office, doctor's office or support group, Chicago area ►Entertaining speaker for your event of 1000+ audience members (worldwide) ►Workshop leader for parents & families, Chicago area ►Support group facilitator, Chicago area ►Private individual/family coaching worldwide by Skype or phone ►Email [email protected] for schedule and availability.

Who I work with

Parents of Children With Special Needs


“I have had what I considered to be a happy life, but there has always been an underlying feeling that I was missing out on something powerful . . . my life’s true purpose. Sheryl led me down a path of discovery to help me re-connect with my authentic self. This new awareness allows me to embrace every life experience as an opportunity to grow and to discover who I am meant to be. The empowerment is intoxicating and liberating! Thank you, Sheryl, for offering your gifts; your guidance has changed my life!”

- - Maurie M

“Sheryl is an incredibly engaging and knowledgeable speaker. She exudes unparalleled enthusiasm when presenting and keeps her audience at the edge of their seats. Her presentation style is always exciting, electric and most importantly disarming. She is one of the most optimistic people I have ever met.”

- - Joanne V.

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Greater Chicago Area, Illinois, US

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