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For the first seven years of her career, Shannon worked for two Fortune 500 companies in financial and analytical roles. A Washington, D.C. native, now based in Miami, FL, Shannon received her coaching certification from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching, an International Coach Federation accredited program. In 2015, Shannon founded Ishiki Insights, a Business Mindset Coaching company that helps female entrepreneurs transform their businesses from the inside out, starting with their mindset. Her signature coaching process, coupled with the personal transformation she experienced when she went from having a boss to being a boss, make Shannon a great asset for all female entrepreneurs and corporate leaders who are ready to break through mindset blocks and create sustainable success from within! To learn more about working with Shannon, please visit her website & connect with her on Instagram @ishikinsights.

How I can help

As a Business Mindset Coach, I help women like you thrive. Together, we'll unearth the limiting beliefs and inner critic messages that are keeping you stuck. I'll share tools and resources to help you create an empowered mindset and confidently take action. Imagine how you'll feel waking up each day with expanded awareness of what's possible and an inner knowing that you’re moving past your fears and doubts in the direction of your vision.

Who I work with

Female Entrepreneurs


I signed up with Shannon at the right time in my life when things were shifting and I was ready to make some major changes. Working with Shannon inspired me, empowered me, and helped me to get out of my own way so I could shine my light. Shannon's style is gentle but she also tells you exactly what you need to hear. She validated me, encouraged me, and asked me insightful, valuable questions. I have changed in profound ways thanks for Shannon's willingness to be available for me in my growth and creative potential. I completely recommend investing in working with Shannon. The absolute best thing about coaching with Shannon was that she never once made me feel like I was wasting her time and in 3 succinct words: WE HAD FUN. I have learned so much about myself since working with her and I am deeply grateful for her authentic spirit, loving-kindness, and tough love.

- Laura Marsolais

Before working with Shannon, I felt stuck because I wanted to do more with my life but had no idea what it was or where to start. Shannon helped me figure out what really made me happy and supported me as I took the steps to make my dream a reality. During our sessions, Shannon helped me with blocks, mainly trying to always please everyone and not feeling in control of situations when actually I am. She didn't tell me what to do or give me the answers. She asked thought provoking questions that led me to figure things out and get the answers from myself. The self-awareness I gained through coaching has positively affected all areas of my life! Shannon goes way above and beyond. She isn't only "on" during your session. She checks in between sessions and she is your biggest cheerleader. She will also call you out when necessary, but in the most compassionate, caring way. I am so thankful that I met and worked with Shannon, and I highly recommend her. She will change your life! If you are ready to make a change and to become more self aware, Shannon is your coach!

- Laurie LeBlanc

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