Renee Waggener

Wellness Coach, Health Coach, Life Coach


Helping women and couples with infertility break free from the deep All-consuming loss of control so that they can live a fertilicious life, regardless of the outcome. As a result of her own personal infertility journey, Renee created, step by step programs that take her clients from feeling like fertility failures to being at peace and babies being born 55% of the time. Renee is a Certified Professional Coach, an energetic speaker, and writer who supports her clients worldwide so that they are able to build back their confidence, hope, and control of the uncontrollable disease infertility.

How I can help

Infertility affects every area of your life. Starting with your relationship with your partner, your finances for treatments, scheduling time off work, staying connected with friends and family that don't understand your struggle, your own self-care, your connection to spirit/God, and being overwhelmed with too much information. I help you break down all of your frustrations, stressors and feeling like a failure so that you can get your confidence back, you have clarity with a plan moving forward and a deeper connection to yourself, your partner and your family/friends. The first step, I created "The Fertility Snapshot Process" which can help show you how likely you are to break free from the grip that your deep dark fears have on you, so that you can take control of your Fertility journey instead of letting it control you. Renee's programs include online classes and one on one coaching support. Finding out which program best fits your needs starts with a Fertility Xploration Session.

Who I work with

Women and Couples struggling a long time with building their families


I just want to thank you for all of your insight, support, and your genuine love and concern for women going through infertility. In the few sessions we have had together I have felt a shift in my thinking about our 4 year infertility journey. In our very first coaching session you were able to get me to release so much pent up grief, frustration, and disappointment - emotions that I had kept bottled up for years. You truly have a gift of guiding people to the answers within and to help them see what is authentic and true to them. I had seen other specialists who focused on infertility, but not one had experienced the longing for a child, so relating was difficult. Your story is inspiring and when I share my thoughts and feelings I know you're listening from an empathetic ear and not passing judgement. This is a difficult journey, but it is the work you are doing that will help me - and many other women - become the moms we are destined to become! Thank you!! - Stacie Had her baby in 2015

- Stacie Rice

I thought the course has brought me the opportunity I longed for to be able to talk to people who really understand what I am going through. I'm feeling very challenged and at the same time, I feel a lot of support to face those challenges. It's been two modules and I am so excited about what is yet to come!

- JC, in Brazil

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