Rachel Hodgson

Personal Coach, Wellness Coach


I  have worked in health education for years, and it is just not enough. I became a life coach to help people make real change. I am a CPC and  ELI-MP certified coach.

How I can help

I take my clients through a supportive and structured program to eliminate self-doubt and fear, build self-esteem and get rid of that negative voice inside their head. By the end of this program my clients leave with a true level of confidence, the tools needed to keep growing so they can lead a life they love!

Who I work with

Women with low body confidence


"Rachel is absolutely amazing! The joy and positivity she exudes makes working with her both fun and encouraging. What impressed me the most about Rachel was the absolute trust I felt in her, not only in her ability to guide me, but as a caring, kind-hearted confidant that genuinely wanted to see me succeed."

- A.S.

"Rachel is incredibly present and listens so deeply that it makes me feel heard and seen. She's able to "read between the lines" and dive deep into the core of what I say to myself, the truths and the lies. With every session, I feel more connected to my core and what my next steps are so that I can be even more in alignment with who I truly am. She's got a true gift and I'm so happy that she shares it."

- C.C.

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