Paul Silva

Transition Coach, Life Coach, Spiritual Coach


Paul is a transition coach with a specialty in addiction recovery. He helps his clients as they move through the storms of their work or personal lives, finding serenity and building the confidence and habits that support their new ways of life. He is a CPC, ELI-MP, ACC, an author ("Longing For The Spirit"), podcaster, blogger, champion of recovery and a pretty cool dad.

How I can help

You will get customized and existing resources as needed. You will be advocated for, but also told when you have spinach in your teeth (that's the kind of guy I am). You will notice others noticing the change in you. You will make the changes internally which will affect everything around you. You will feel more energized and charged up. You will get the results you wanted because together we will get you there. You will feel like a ROCK STAR.

Who I work with

Anyone who wants to sleep better at night knowing that regardless of their work or life transitions circumstances, they will persevere with confidence, clarity and connection to their higher self.


I felt I needed help with changing some of my mindsets. I was hard on myself, and was feeling bad about not doing more and how I was showing up. I was arguing with myself, making me tired, and unhappy. When I was unable to make changes by myself, stuck, I sought support with Paul Silva as my coach. These days, I am learning to live life easier. I am happier and and am accepting of my choices. I let go of slights and hurts much easier. Paul was gentle in his guidance. It was a team effort.

- Wendy Brown

I was making some changes in my professional life. Having Paul as my coach helped me to articulate goals and objectives as well as strategies and tactics to achieve them. I really appreciated having an objective perspective. I also benefited from the aspect of accountability with Paul - it encouraged me to think differently when approaching situations and now operate from a more conscious place. I'm conscious thinking of the ways in which I approach situations in a more positive perspective.

- Lisa P

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