Patrick Ramcharitar

Life Coach, Personal Coach, Leadership Development Coach



Patrick (Pat) Ramcharitar, CPC, ELI-MP , CTDS - founder of “Upfront Essentials Coaching”, with a mission to help his clients to meet their endless possibilities. Pat have worked over three decades in various leadership, supervisory and managerial positions, his coach training through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), provided him with the following coaching credentials - Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner and Cor.E Transition Dynamics Specialist. During Pat's career he has achieved a number of other certifications - Adult Education, Mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Situational Awareness, Fierce Conversations etc. Over the years Pat has been a consistent and avid volunteer for various charitable and community organizations. He also is an adept and engaged speaker, facilitator and presenter for workshops, group sessions and one on one conversations. Pat was also awarded the 2013 “Lifetime Achievement Award” for his consistent mastery performance.

How I can help

I provide my clients with an empowering coaching service which allow them to be more balanced, gain clarity and feel more engaged or motivated to make the changes in their life that they choose to make. My personal commitment is to bring to my clients the Essentials of a Core Energy Coaching Process along with the Energy Leadership Techniques to better manage their lives for greater fulfillment and to live their dreams with their personal action plan. Over three decades of supervisory, managerial and volunteering experience, I have worked with thousands of individuals who have faced numerous transition modalities to solve problems, meet production targets and handle changes for continuous improvement. In these team and partnership dynamics we have maintained a relationship of mutual respect and honesty based on confidentiality, professionalism and that, “we each can make a difference”. As I set my sights on working with my clients, I hold the same bases and disciplines to assist them to tap into their “Endless Possibilities” to get where they want to go. During our interactions and our coaching relationship, I will be upfront, engaging and purposeful to your choice. My support will be to help you to identify areas of tolerations, powerlessness, unuseful reinforcements and feel-good complacency. It is your story and your life where you can make a difference, you can take charge and then decide what you want to do to get there. As your coach we will work in an energetic partnership to bring out your insights, ideas and ideals for a more purposeful, successful and enjoyable life. In our coaching sessions, we will be fully engaged in your initial set-up and continued progress. You will embark on your own journey, your will discover your uniqueness with curiosity of who you are and you will explore your talents, specialness and the possibilities of where you want to go and where you want to be. You will be challenged to find your way, but, taking this first step will assist you to feel more empowered, more balanced and more higher energy levels.

Who I work with

Persons in Transitions, Personal Development / Survivor Performance,