Patrick Donohue

Life Coach, Parenting Coach, Family Coach


I am a former educator and athletic coach who has worked with over 300 clients in the past 5 years.  I help teens get motivated, organized and find direction and parents find their voice and parenting style.

How I can help

I help teens and parents identify their goals and then move systematically forward on them. I motivate, encourage, and challenge my clients. My background as an athlete and athletic coach really helps me connect and inspire my clients.

Who I work with

Teenagers and Parents


Before Pat, my son was under performing at school and pretty checked out of his own life. Nothing 'bad' just disengaged. After seeing Pat each week he is now on the honor roll, working and really content. Pat has been his chief encourager and motivator allowing him to see the benefits of moving forward in life, growing one step at a time. Every parent should have Pat by their side, it beats getting frustrated and nagging all the time.

- Rachel Carroll

Pat worked with our college freshman son and was instrumental in getting us through a tough first year. Pat went above and beyond in every way to support our son which was a tremendous relief forparents who felt helpless in a difficult situation. Pat is a genuine person and was immediately personally invested in our son and us. We've received great feedback from educators, family, even the pediatrician in choosing a life coach to support our son through such an important and demanding phase of life. Pat is excellent with young adults and parents of young adults. We cannot recommend Pat highly enough!

- Daroonee Evans

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