Paige Simmons

Life Coach, Health Coach, Wellness Coach


I am a certified personal life and wellness coach helping people through transformational conversation and EFT (tapping)to uncover and remove the unhealthy patterns running through their minds affecting their personal happiness, relationships, and work and help guide them to experiencing a better perspective, greater meaning, fulfillment, and richness in their everyday lives.


What I love about working with Paige is that she gets me to say things out loud that I have never voiced before. She does this by asking very intuitive questions that make you see your situation in an entirely new way. Then, she listens carefully as you speak. Before I know it, I'm expressing feelings I never knew I felt and discovering thoughts I never knew I had. The realizations and epiphanies always flow in my sessions with Paige, and I always leave feeling like I understand myself more. With this better understanding of myself, I can make better decisions for my career, my relationships, and my life.

- Ellen

Paige has the ability to listen to one in crisis like a friend while holding the energy of calm for you. She skillfully leads you to the negative core belief holding you in crisis, something you discover together during the tapping process. With this discovery Paige helps you to tap into place a positive offering retraining your responses. Magic I tell you!

- Tammy

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