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Leadership Development Coach, Executive Coach, Business Coach


LTO’s operational support and success is based on over 30 years of military, commercial and coaching success. LTO’s founder, Otis McGregor, is a retired Green Beret Lieutenant Colonel who served over 25 years in the Army advancing from a tank driver to an engineer to a Green Beret. He has formed and led teams all over the world identifying opportunities and succeeding. Otis is a Certified Professional Coach and a Certified Project Trainer. Through years of training, leading, coaching and performance at the highest levels, Otis has created the simple ability to ‘enable your success’.

How I can help

Provide the opportunity for your team to learn to identify a problem, create a plan to overcome the problem and succeed. Sometimes a 'problem' isn't really a problem, it is just not knowing what you need to do to achieve success. We will show you how to see where you want to go with your business, put a plan into place that identifies the steps to get there, and get there. This is not an overnight solution; it is an opportunity to put your vision into action and will make your achieve success

Who I work with

Small Business Leaders


Few people have had the opportunity to work with the type of individual Otis is, and the level of expertise he brings to the table. I have had the pleasure of working directly with Otis while conducting training for the Institute of Project Management. His ability to bring relevant experience from his military life to the civilian sector make his classes engaging and collaborative. Otis has a way of breaking down each class and making them personal and applicable to each individual student.

- Kat Kaelin CPM, CPT at Institute of Project Management

Otis has been an outstanding coach, both professionally and personally. I'm the founder of an early-stage tech company and would often find myself reacting to every problem that arose as opposed to purposefully executing a plan. Otis helped me re-prioritize my day so I could regain control of my routine and ensure that what I was doing every day was moving the needle and problems were managed in a way that didn't halt progress.

- Luke Hutchison, Founder Perfect Venue

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