Nina Cashman

Executive Coach, Corporate Coach, Career Coach


Nina has 17+ years of marketing experience and has been busy building successful products and brands for national companies throughout her entire career. Nina's biggest achievement is witnessing the growth, connection and collaboration that transpired when her teams felt fully empowered to perform at their best. Nina believes the most important brand a person can build is her own individual brand, which requires full awareness of personal values and acceptance of current capabilities, as well as a sincere belief that anything is possible.

How I can help

From private individual coaching sessions, to group workshops in employee & leadership development, team building, and brand focus & visioning, your higher consciousness directed you to me, if you and your brand are ready to PAVE.

Who I work with

Professionals who are ready to PAVE their own paths towards success.


“Nina blew away all of my expectations. I had no idea how useful and important the kind of work she did with me could be. Total life-changer. Her coaching was practical and powerful. She keyed in on all the right signals, helped me dig down to the really big blockers in my life, and showed me how to take control of who I am in the world. And she did all this from a deeply compassionate and centered place in herself. I admire Nina. She’s an incredible force for good who, if you’re fortunate to know her, will steer you towards the path you’ve always wanted to walk down.”

- Augustine Bralley / Entrepreneur / San Francisco, CA

“Stuck in a rut? Wheels spinning but going nowhere at work? Then trust me, Nina will help you! In January, I had no vision or motivation. In February, I started working with Nina. She helped me dig deep and be honest with myself. She helped me where I was holding myself back and how to re-ignite my passion. She gave me the tools to ask for what I want, so that both the company & I are happy. Wondering, is it worth it? It is! The promotion I received in October more than paid for the sessions with Nina. But the true benefits come from being so much happier at work and having the tools to keep me moving forward.”

- Autumn Wesson / Corporate Executive / Broomfield, CO

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