Mira Simon

Career Coach, Personal Coach


I help high school students to explore their passion, discover their purpose and create their plan to find the colleges that are best for them. I am an iPEC Certified Professional Coach, as well as an Independent Educational Consultant, with a certification from UCLA. I have been featured in Testive's 52 Top Admissions Blogs, and was chosen as one of the Top 25 College Prep Blogs of 2016 by Personal Income.

How I can help

I work with students to help them explore and discover who they are, what they love and why it is important to them. The process begins with a values assessment which helps the student to create a foundation that will guide them in all aspects of their college planning - from designing their customized criteria to choosing where to apply and completing the application process. I help students to recognize how they go through the process so that they can use those skills and tools in preparing for college, IN college and in LIFE! By taking ownership from the beginning, the student is more excited and engaged and feels more confident in themselves and their overall ability in the process and how they utilize that in all aspects of their life.

Who I work with

I work with high school students, college students and grads.


Mira will take the mess in your heart and mind and arrange it into organized emails (they're like reading books about your own soul). She will encourage you, inspire you, and talk you off of ledges in panic moments. Meeting with Mira forces you to examine yourself in the best possible light, which is just how you want colleges to examine you!

- Annie Price - Student

Coach Mira is what every parent would love to have for their child. She is very engaging, helpful, caring, and supportive. This is Mira's passion! Mira thoroughly enjoys helping your child. She knows what questions to ask your child to help them to make their own decisions and to help them in every aspect in pursuing their interests/goals. Mira supports the child in their decision making. She makes them feel successful in their process of searching and selecting a college. Helping a child go through this process is very time consuming and can be very frustrating. She took this part of the job from me which allowed me to share in my daughter's search and make it an enjoyable process. Prior to having Mira's help, the college search created lots of tension in the family. Having Mira working side by side with my daughter allowed my child to become very excited in her search for her future. We couldn't have been this successful without Mira.

- Christine Wirth - Parent

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