Millie Carey

Life Coach, Wellness Coach, Spiritual Coach


I am Life and Mindfulness Coach - Certified as a Profesional Coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner with iPEC. I speak French, English, and Spanish.

I believe that you have all the potential to create and experience the life that you really want once you change the way you look at your life: your relationships (husband/boyfriend, children, family, friends, environment, community) but starting with yourself. I will help you to focus on what you really want and to recognize and break through what is holding you back to manifesting success, in however you measure success.

How I can help

We can use mindfulness to ‘wake up,’ connect with ourselves and appreciate the fullness of each moment of life. We can use it to improve our self-knowledge – to learn more about how we feel, think and react. We can use it to connect deeply and intimately with the people we care about, including ourselves. And we can use it to consciously influence our own behavior and increase our range of responses to the world we inhabit. It is the action of living consciously – a profound way to enhance psychological resilience and increase life satisfaction.

Who I work with

I work with women and men in transition.


I feel very fortunate to have been coached by Millie. She immediately partnered with me and met me where I was. She helped me uncover the answers that I had within myself and increase my confidence with her questions and acknowledgements. This is exactly what I needed. Thank you, Millie!

- J.G.

I think the way you connected with me was excellent. You are wonderful at really hearing what is being said and you are so thoughtful in your question asking. There were times when I was emotionally upset and you gave me the space to feel those feelings. I appreciated that. 🙂 I also loved how you held me accountable in a gentle way and how to asked my permission to introduce new tools- butterfly tapping, centering, etc... I had a great experience working with you and I hope to continue our coach/client relationship. You are on your way to being a really masterful coach.

- J.K.

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